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Garden Types

Here is just a small sample of the projects that we have done.


Luxury garden

A luxury garden should reflect the style and taste of the discerning homeowner who desires the highest standards of living. We can create exceptional outdoor living spaces ranging from peaceful sanctuaries, to exotic oases. Elements such as flowing waterfalls, artificial lakes, bubbling brooks with stone bridges or even koi ponds can add value to a property. Romantic gazebos and pergolas further add to the mood and create special areas for outdoor entertaining.

 Tropical garden

Create the look and feel of the tropics with bright, intense hues and lush, dense vegetation. Plants within a tropical garden typically reflect natural growth, usually with large greenery, irregularly shaped leaves and interesting textures, while splashes of colour and large species become focal points of interest and create a stunning presentation.

 Shade garden

The scorching summer heat of Cyprus makes outdoor living during the day almost impossible. A garden designed to provide shade will enable you to sit and entertain outside not just after dark. You also need to know what plants or shrubs thrive in shady conditions.

 Low maintenance garden

For holiday homes where you’re not there all the time to give the garden the care it needs, plants that require the minimum of attention are the way to go. Olive trees or pine trees have adapted to the conditions and will survive no matter what you do, as will oleanders and a host of herbs and low growing shrubs.


Scented garden

Design your garden so that it is a pleasure to your sense of smell as well as that of sight. Jasmine is a much loved feature of Cyprus gardens, while the stronger cestrum nocturnum that only flowers at night will give your garden an exotic feel in the evenings.

 Water garden

In a land where water is precious, its existence in a garden makes it all the more welcome. From a small pond or fountain to a large swimming pool, any body of water is a focal point of interest. However, the planting round a pond or pool needs to be carefully thought out and placed so they do not shed too many leaves and flowers that would block the pool filters.

 Colour-theme garden

A single colour scheme can be a striking statement. Go for only white flowering plants with a background of green, playing with the different foliages, or have splashes of colour in strategic spots. Or control the colour scheme so that it changes with the seasons for a painterly effect as well as endless variety and interest.


Gravel garden

White gravel stones give a sense of neatness and Zen peacefulness, while at the same time being practical as they eliminate the need for mowing a lawn and keep weeds at bay.

 Lawn garden

Simple elements make up this garden, a large expanse of lawn framed with shrubs and trees.

 Patio, veranda or roof garden

Patios, or paved areas, serve as an extension of the house, providing an external room for al fresco living. For city dwellers who don’t have the luxury of a garden per se, a veranda can be transformed into a lush garden with plants grown in large containers.

 Seaside garden

If you’re lucky enough to have a garden with a view of the sea, you don’t want to plant anything that will obstruct it. Frame it instead with a tall cypress tree or lead the eye to it with a broad expanse of lawn.


Pergolas and trellises

A splash of colourful clematis climbing up a trailer will give a garden height and visual interest. A cascading wisteria over a pergola makes a beautiful and sweet-smelling arcade.

 Paths and paving

Paved parts of a garden give as much mood and style to a garden as do plants. Paths divide the garden into different areas, define spaces and link them together, while paved areas can be attractive areas for entertaining and sitting outside

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