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Company Profile

Begonia Garden Centre has been a fully registered company since 1992. 

The company’s owner and founder, Pambos Christoforou, set up the business as a natural progression from his family’s traditional involvement in agriculture. 

Right from the outset our company’s aim was to design, create and maintain gardens. As the business grew, we set up the Begonia Garden Centre in 1996 at our current premises in the centre of Kato Paphos. The Garden Centre has since functioned as the base for our enterprises, providing support for the landscaping business. 

Today the business has grown to become one of the largest landscaping and garden centres in Cyprus, both as regards the size of its premises, as well as its circle of customers. 

We also have our own fully automated production unit allowing us to produce the plants that we use for our gardens as well as for sales. In addition we import additional plants from abroad, as well as other decorative products. 

We continuously seek to improve our services by upgrading our products, techniques and abilities in order to take into account technological improvements both in design and irrigation systems. 

From being the first garden business to have been created in the Paphos area 20 years ago, we have grown into a business with a reputation we can be proud of, built up as a result of the knowledge we have accrued over the years and the top class service and quality of work we provide, as reflected in our extensive and loyal clientele.  

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