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Soft landscaping - Planting ,irrigation systems, lawn areas

Cyprus Landscaping


The elements of a landscape that do not involve construction constitute soft landscaping. They include trees, palms, shrubs, lawns and flowering plants. 

Some of these elements can take years if not decades to mature and therefore require thinking ahead, as they will form the backdrop of the landscape for years to come. 

Trees that frame a view or provide shade, shrubs and bushes that ensure privacy, flowering plants that follow a colour scheme, we will create your garden so that it will be a space you want to use and will give you pleasure all the year round well into the future. 

A successful garden also needs an efficient irrigation system. We will also design the right system to ensure that your garden receives the right amount of water at the right time. We use the latest systems with electronic controls and timers so that your garden can establish itself quickly and remain healthy for a long time to come, while at the same time saving water and reducing your costs. 


From choosing and  planting  trees, to improving your soil, establishing a successful irrigation system, laying turf and creating planting themes, we offer expert advice and execution.


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